When we see pictures of Victoria’s Secret models, it always makes us want to pencil in an appointment with our hairdresser because those girls have wavy locks to be proud of.

Thankfully there’s no need to shell out a small fortune to get our mane in Victoria’s Secret condition, as the tool used to style their hair into perfectly coiffed curls backstage at all the shows has been revealed and it’s actually pretty simple to use.

Speaking to Be, Beachwaver inventor and celebrity hairstylist Sarah Potempa gave us her best tips and tricks for emulating the Angels’ glorious mane at home with the curling iron which has been used on the girls for years.

Gigi Hadid poses ahead of the Victoria’s Secret show, Beachwaver in hand.

According to Sarah, the trick to getting the bouncy curls everyone dreams about is follow these easy steps.

Start with a structure

In order to get the sexy lived-in”Victoria’s Secret waves, Sarah said it’s important to have structure when you’re curling.

“Start by bringing all of the hair forward, then divide it into clean, even sections using clips,” she said.

“Then select the temperature that is right for your hair and start curling from the bottom of your hair and working your way up to the top. This will ensure a consistent wave throughout.”

Curl your hair in the right direction

“The secret is that the curls always have to be going away from your face,” Sarah said.

“If you turn the iron the same way on both sides of your hair, the curls won’t frame the face.

“Simply select the side you’re curling on and press go.”

Kendall Jenner backstage at the Victoria’s Secret show.

Make sure you brush the curl out

According to Sarah, the final brush-out at the end of your styling is extremely important for the Victoria’s Secret wave.

“After you’ve curled all of your hair let the curls cool then spray a flexible hair spray,” she said.

“Brush all the curls out then run your fingers through them to create the perfect relaxed wave.

She recommends styling your hair different for each style of curl you want.

“As a general rule, styles can be done differently based on how much hair you use in each curl. If you section more hair you’ll get a bigger wave, while less hair means a tighter curl,” she said.

The Beachwaver is the secret weapon used by hairdressers backstage at the Victoria’s Secret show.

How to make it last longer

Sarah recommends starting off with freshly washed hair so the look will last you from two-three days.

“Use a volume shampoo if you have fine hair or shine shampoo for thick/frizzy hair,” she said.

“Prepping hair with mousse will also help maintain the curls. A root lifter or mousse is a good prep before blow drying and a heat protectant spray before curling.

‘Hair spray and texturizing sprays will also help to keep the curls for longer. A great tip for long lasting curls is twisting the hair away from the face into three- four buns at night time.”

Source: au.be.yahoo.com