Not all people are fans of curtains because they ask for too much attention. You have to take them down, wash them up regularly, iron them and put them again on the windows. That’s too much work for the people with busy lifestyles, and for the lazy ones of course. The curtains are not the only thing that you can hang on the windows in order to add interest to them. In this article I have collected some Eye-Catching DIY Window Decorations That Will Amaze You. They will not just make your windows more interesting and cheerful, but some of them will also give you a great private treatment. Everything depend on your personal style and taste, so scroll down and see all of the possibilities that exist out there!

The paper cones are super easy to make. They won’t cost you much money, and will make the ambiance in the room more pretty and fun. Plus, people from the outside are going to turn their heads around to check the lovely decoration for sure!

The branches look amazing in every home because they help us bring the outdoors inside with ease. If the pine cones remind you of Christmas and New Year, leave them behind and go just for branches and crystals!

I really like butterflies because they remind me of something fresh and beautiful and I would definitely want to make these lovely hanging butterflies by using newspaper. What about you?

The window murals are another alternative but the only difference is that you can’t make them on your own, but you can still get them custom-made.

The stars Christmas lights are not only for Christmas! Have them on your windows all year round for a whimsical feeling in your living room.

Garlands and wreaths look great in a combination and they will look magnificent on the windows in your kitchen. How do you like the design below?

Decorate some jars, fill them with flowers and turn them in hanging window decorations. It’s as easy as a pie!

What do you think about these bird stickers?

Repurpose the old CD’s that you have at home and make some astonishing window decorative curtain.

Do you like crystals and beads? Let the design below inspire you for your next DIY project.

Get yout favorite photos and use them to add a visual interest to any window in the house. They are just perfect for the kitchen window since you can see them all the time when you are doing the dishes.

Paint some old bottles and turn them into adorable flower vases which you will later use to fill the empty place on the windows in your home.

How do you like the playful ball curtain?

Which DIY window decoration are you going to make soon? Keep me posted in the comments below!