Some girls just don’t have the patience to let their hair grow to insane length, which is why they opt for alternatives, and arguably the most popular alternative to achieve a long and gorgeous mane is through extensions. They’re available in curly or straight varieties and in tons of different colors. Wearing extensions opens up the doors to some pretty sweet hairstyles, otherwise not achievable if you have shorter hair. If you recently picked up a set of coily extensions and you’re short on ideas for some awesome hairstyles, Hannah Mussette has got you covered.

After a nice intro that seems to be a nod to classic video games, the video kicks off with Hannah attaching the actual extensions to her hair. She parts it down the middle and splits it into two sections before applying.

After the prep, it’s onto the first hairstyle: simple big volume space buns

The second one is a low bun, again going back to the big volume.

With curls like this and extensions thrown in there, that’s something you have to expect.

There’s two other hairstyles as well as a more detailed look on how to achieve all four of these, so check out the video below and subscribe to Hannah, she makes some excellent beauty content, even though she’s not the biggest, currently sitting at 88k subscribers.