A breakthrough in the beauty industry is one such idea that has proven to change many women’s lives. The new popular trend is that of an eyebrow tattoo. You’ve got to read it to believe it.

Eyebrows are a very important facet of a person’s face, it frames the face correctly. Some people are born with full and lush eyebrows, but some of us are not. All this while, we have been doing eyebrow makeup to give our eyebrows a boost or that feel of a fuller brow. For those who are looking for a permanent solution to the thin eyebrow problem, eyebrow tattoos are the next thing to get done.

The beauty sector would never have imagined a way to help people solve their eyebrow issues with nothing more than a pencil or some makeup tools. Now you have specialised professionals and experts who draw those eyebrows for you permanently. It’s very carefully woven onto to your forehead like proper eyebrows are suppose to look.


Also known as permanent eyebrows, eyebrow tattoo is a cosmetic procedure that will apply permanent pigments onto your skin in the shape of perfect eyebrows. You can use this technique to fill out those eyebrows and make them look fuller or even get a whole set completely drawn on. It’s still an alien concept to most women, but it’s a good consideration when your lack of eyebrows seems more like a concern. Most of us do not have the patience to do the eyebrow makeup every single day before stepping out, so one such solution could come in handy.

Eyebrow tattoo Procedure:

For natural looking eyebrows, strokes in the direction of growth will be made using the needle and colour. This helps in imitating real eyebrows.

Firstly, you need a qualified artist to the same with a proper learning of the matter and concerns related with the same. You should do a detailed research and speak to people who have already got the procedure done at the particular place. Ensure so that you don’t get dissapointed at the end and lose out on money.

Since eyebrow tattooing are also a form of tattooing only and hence there are chances of it fading away with the course of time, you will have to get touch ups every now and then. This is will make sure they look close to real and not look weird. You need full commitment since its not just a one time thing that you do and stays.

The process begins with a pigment and the tool that injects colour onto the topmost layer of skin. The needle could be vibrating like a normal tattooing needle, which will pierce through your skin and inject colouring pigments. A local anesthesia could be given to the patient for him/her to not feel any pain. You could witness a little bit of redness or maybe some darkening which comes back to normal in a few weeks. The initials shade of the eyebrows will disappear in those weeks and your chosen colour will appear then.

Corrections and Touch-ups for Eyebrow Tattoos

Corrections can also be done in case you aren’t completely satisfied with your results. But the technician will be able to do them only once your skin is completely healed of the previous tattooing. Touch ups would be recommended by your expert to come and see him after 6 to 8 weeks of the procedure.

Precautions to be Taken While Getting Eyebrow Tattoo Done

For your initial days or weeks, you will be advised to not go under water for swimming or even for sauna baths since the chances of the tattoo fading might be real. Its best to avoid such situations since a lot of money have been paid to do the procedure right.

Pros To Eyebrow Tattoos:

  1. A clear pro is that instead of getting up every morning and drawing those eyebrows on, you will have them permanent on your face. Its very convenient and serves your purpose for good
  2. A good set of eyebrows will make your face look better and will give it the desired shape it requires. A good pair of eyebrows will completely change the way you look. The art of eyebrow tattooing is very cost effective too; it’s permanent and funds you for the longer run. You don’t have to take help of eye brow pencils or other makeup tools otherwise used.
  3. You got wonderfully symmetric permanent eye brows with the help of tattooing. The right balance, colour, length and width will be decided by an expert and you won’t have to do them on your own.
  4. It is waterproof, it won’t run down or smudge since it is inked onto your skin. So, unlike your other products that has chances of getting washed away with water, this stays intact.

Cons to Eyebrow Tattoos:

Since its a minor surgery there are chances of complications, of things going slightly or completely wrong. The procedure takes about 2 hours and you will need a professional expert to do yours for you. Do not just find someone on the internet, instead do a homework, find out from people who have got it done. They will be able to help you better and more efficiently.

When we think of something permanent, it’s always better to weigh all the pros and cons to the same. Where on one side, the benefits to eye brow tattooing are many; the disadvantages also need to be considered.

Here is an image of a beautifully done eyebrow tattoos:

Getting rid of the tattoos are painful and difficult and most importantly, very expensive. The procedure is even more complicated than the actual tattooing. Not everyone can afford getting their eyebrows tattooed, it definitely a luxury enjoyed by the very few. When you age and your skin ages too, the tattoos start to lose its colour and look very dirty. So a touch up would always be required.

So, consult a professional and get your eyebrow tattooing done beautifully too.

Source: fashionlady.in