V Day is only two weeks away so it’s time for the ultimate guide to Valentine’s Day nail art. There are ten fabulously cute and fabulously easy nail art ideas to choose from because although you will need far less than 14 days to perfect them, it is never too early to start planning for a big day!

So check out what the girls at cutepolish have prepared for you. You can pick one of the ten ideas and replicate it, or you may combine your favorites and even go with a different design for each finger. Make sure you have a lot of red and pink nail polish though – that and love are the only prerequisites for success!

1. Cupid’s arrow print

2. Polka dot heart pattern

3. Cute rose print

4. L.O.V.E.

5. Connect the dots

6. Studded heart design

7. A fun and easy striped design

8. A Valentine’s Day French tip

9. The easiest confetti design ever

10. Floral tip

If you liked the tutorial, you’ll find even more on cutepolish’s channe.l They have almost 3 million users following the nail art projects of Sandi, Hannah, Juli, Minnie and Miri. And for a good reason. Check out the video:

Source: metdaan.com