Are you seeking for some outstanding ideas to  improve your garden? Top Dreamer has the best and most creative ideas for you. What would you say about placing a fire pit in your yard? And not a usual and boring one. I’m thinking of one that will amaze everyone with it’s design. Having a unique piece somewhere in your garden is always a good idea. Spending the evenings in your garden will be a fun activity. Check out these stunning  metal fire pits that will make you wonder if they are real!

These metal fire pits, which are sphere shape, will amaze everyone. The hollow ball has interesting shapes on the sides. When you light a fire, the sight is breath-taking. No wonder they have become so popular. Instead of the ordinary fire pits, these will bring some magic into your garden. So, call your friends, prepare some marshmallows and enjoy the night. The eye-catching appearance makes these look unique. The dragon and monster shapes make the whole thing dramatic.

On those cold nights, when the sun sets don’t rush inside. Let the warmness of the fire do the thing. This dragon fire pit looks fascinating. You will want to have one like this. A design that features a dragon that blows out fire is a unique thing to see. How creative is that!?

Take a look at the rest of the stunning fire pit ideas and get inspired!


Seems like those little yellow creatures called Minions have become so popular. Inspired by them, someone decided that it would be a nice idea to create a fire pit. Take a look at how this clever idea was made possible. This little guy will warm your heart. Literally!