Ooh…What sexy legs I have”. Yeah, that is what most of the young babes like you might be feeling or saying to your bosom pals each time you look yourself in the mirror. It means you can happily put on the mini skirt your boyfriend gifted you on your birthday.

Why are you suddenly sounding disinterested? Is it something to do with the dress or your legs? Perhaps it is to do with dry skin on your legs that’s troubling you.

Well this is a skin problem commonly called as ‘winter itch’ which can be found in all age groups. It happens more in winter months when there is less of humidity in the air. Severe cases of dry skin can even lead to skin cracking.

Can there be any possible solution to this problem? Yes, most of the remedies are easy to do, safe and result-oriented. Here we go sharing them with you.

1. Change Your Bathing Style

If you are a shower babe, then most often you end up losing out the natural oils of your body without getting to know of it. The more you shower, more is the depletion of natural body oils from your skin.

Try to shower every alternate day, not daily. If you feel the urge to take a shower, then ideally use cold water and soap only the most affected areas such as armpits.

The other option is showering with warm water. It’s better off than having a bath with hot water. Higher the temperature of water, more it would cause dryness of skin on legs. Before taking bath with hot water, test the temperature on your sensitive skin parts (such as the insides of your wrist) to find out how much cold water you can stand.

Remember, showering for a longer duration can aggravate skin dryness. If you can, try and take a bath with the conventional way of bucket water.

2. Harsh Soaps No-No

Soaps that are bad in ph balance can dry the sensitive skin. Go for soaps that are made for sensitive skin. The ones that have moisturisers in them would be good, say for example Dove White and Dove Baby that are most pH balanced for sensitive skins.

3. Exfoliation Must But Not Too Often

Do skin exfoliation occasionally on legs. Use baking soda paste to eradicate dead skin cells. Try and avoid pumice stones or loofahs that can aggravate the situation.

Each time you shave your legs, use a fresh razor. The problem with dull razors is that they can irritate and worsen your skin.

4. Air Dry Your Skin

When you rub the towel vigorously on your legs after a bath, they can become excess of dry. Let your soft skin air dry on its own or pat your skin with a clean towel.

5. After-Shower Moisturising

Once you get out of the shower, apply moisturiser on your legs. It will help lock in the skin moisture that gets lost when you are bathing. If you are running out of time, wrap your legs in a warm and wet cloth for about 10 to 20 minutes. This will in turn keep your skin moist and open up your skin pores helping in proper absorption of the moisturizer. Lanolin creams are best as they have lasting effects on the skin.

6. Oil It

There is the time tested baby oil and coconut oil to get your leg skin back to moisture. Both these oils help shield off winter dryness on legs.

7. Water And Water

Drinking more water helps rehydrate the skin, so have 8 glasses of water the whole day in order to protect your leg skin from looking parched.

8. Skin Protection During Cold Weather

Skin becomes dry in winters. You need to wear protective clothing around your legs such as stockings or a light layer of clothing below your pants or trousers. Cover up your legs too in order to retain the naturally bestowed body oils.

9. Moisture Level In Your Home

Hot and dry hair is known to leech moisture level from the skin. Keep a small humidifier in your bedroom at night to restore the moisture levels so that your legs do not encounter dryness.

10. Dry Skin Brushing

Buy a bristle brush and brush your legs. Follow it up with taking a shower and dabbing quality coconut, almond or grapeseed oil on the skin of the legs.

Happy using these tricks to encounter dry legs!

Source: fashionlady.in