Feather. When you hear this word, you get that feeling of something very delicate and gentle.That’s exactly the feeling that should be invoked when you see hair inspired by it.

And no, we’re not talking about attaching a feather to complete an already wonderful hairstyle and add a little ‘Sex And The City’ vibe to it. As you probably have seen by now, your whole hair can appear as a feather.

As in the feather loop braid.

Yep, another hairstyle. And it’s by that wonderful Mimi from that wonderful YouTube channel called Luxy Hair.

Mimi herself states that she “saw an inspiration picture on Pinterest” and it looked difficult at first, but she set herself a challenge to figure out how to do this hairstyle, and it seems to have succeeded.

We think this hairstyle looks gorgeous. If you think so too, then give it a try yourself! Mimi has made an excellent tutorial on how to do it:

Source: metdaan.com