Festival season is here, so that means it’s time for long nights with friends, gold glitter and starry eyes, OMG, I can’t wait!

There’s that special glow in festival look, isn’t there. And yeah, we know everyone’s ready and has the tiniest detail planned, BUT! Any harm in some additional inspiration? No.

The famous beauty vlogger Asha Tregear has her own YouTube channel where she posts makeup tutorials and other beauty related videos. The 21-year-old a festival makeup look video too, that just might help you if you are planning to go to Coachella, Groovin the Moo or Splendour in the Grass this year. Even if you’re not, it’s worth a picture, so why not?


For her face, the makeup artist is starting with a primer and then puts on dark foundation in the places you have dark spots. Then, she applies a lighter foundation on top and starts blending. She continues with the other techniques as concealer, bronzer and highlighter.


The eye makeup starts with an eye primer and leads to a rose, gold smokey eye look followed by a sharp, black eyeliner. Asha adds eyelashes and then adds the drama while putting little gold stars under her eyes. SO Coachella.


To neutralize this, she goes with a nude, pink lipstick. Of course she does, why would ANYONE want to draw attention away from the stars?!

What do you guys think? Would you wear this look in a festival? Share your thoughts with us.

Source: metdaan.com