Let’s be honest, not everyone likes going to school, do they? While it may be boring, people tend to make some effort to look… presentable, for lack of a better word. From a small amount of makeup, to just perhaps giving your hair a little bit of shape, it’s worth spending a little bit of time making yourself look good, no matter how much you love or hate school.

If you’re short on ideas for hairstyles that you can wear in school, Vivian V is here to provide some assistance.

The 20-year-old YouTuber whose real name is Vivian Vo-Farmer is here to show you some nice and easy hairstyles that can be worn to school. Who knows, you may even attract the attention of that one person you’ve been eyeing for a date you keep seeing in the hallway…

The first style involves a couple of boxer braids

Vivian also uses this video to show off her beautiful long locks, and beautiful and long they certainly are. This one just involves parting your hair exactly down the middle, and then a few clever intertwining techniques make for an amazing braided hairstyle.

The second look is a bandana-curl combo

This one is very simple. Vivian just uses a flat iron to curl her hair and then ties a blue bandana at the top of her head. Nothing too crazy, but still a nice looking style.

And lastly, there’s a braided headband

This last style is very similar to the previous one, but rather than just a bandana, it’s a braided headband. The curls from the previous style remain the same, only this time, the addition is a braid on the top of the head.

Source: metdaan.com