Californian beauty vlogger Andrea comes back with yet another easy-how-to curly hairstyles video!

She started her YouTube channel in 2008 and at the moment has 4,113,893 devoted followers.

The things that she talks about on her platform are everyday life experiences, leisure activities, life hacks and beauty tips. This video is particularly helpful to those who have naturally curly hair and are running out of ideas on what to do with it.

Curls are quicker to reveal frizz and dryness. She advises to let the curls be as natural as possible and just add a little shining serum to bring life and elasticity into them.

1. Bun

This is the style that Andrea does the most. Put your hair up really high and tie it in a ponytail. Take a tube sock and put in at the base on the ponytail. Now, take your curly hair and spread it around the tube sock. Put the bobby pins to tighten the strands towards the tube sock.

2. Grab a Hold of the Bang

The following hairstyle is for people with curly hairs and bangs! And we know that’s a complicated situation right there! Part your bangs from the rest of your hair. Tie it in a ponytail. The fringe part is either twisted or braided. In this particular case, Andrea decided to twist her bangs. Refer to the video for better understanding of the pattern. Twist it until it reaches ear level. Bring that section backward and bobby pin it somewhere at the bottom of your crown.

You can leave the other section just as it is or twist/braid it as well.

3. Twist To Bun

This hairstyle is a continuation from the previous one. We stopped at having the two twisted strands meet at the crown of your head. What you want to do next is take the remaining hair and style it into a low bun at the lower back of your head. Bobby pin it!

4. The Maxi Ponytail

Put the top half in a ponytail. The bottom half will be another ponytail as well. Pull them both to one side. That’s the whole point of this hairstyle. Having them both on one side creates the illusion of having one huge ponytail!

5. Crown Ponytail

Grab some hair above each of the ears and go all the way around to the opposite end. Pinch the strands from both sides back and bobby pin them. This is the hairstyle that will get your bangs out of your face. Super simple and you have a ‘do!


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