Another makeup tutorial is never “too much”. We can always get inspired and save that little inspiration for any event or a night out with friends, so that’s why we are sharing a very unique full coverage drugstore makeup tutorial.

Kaushal Beauty is a YouTube channel where you can follow a lot of tutorials about everything when it comes to beauty. You can also get familiar with the latest techniques and trends. Today’s look is going to be more concentrated on the eyes, following an edgy orange eyeshadow. Let’s get started on the look:


This coverage is so on point and the whole procedure is really not that complicated. Kaushal starts by applying some light green and purple foundation in specific places to cover up any redness. After blending it all in, she puts on the foundation. Then, she conceals under her eyes and adds bronzer, highlighter and some blush to her cheeks.


The eyes are the most important part of this look. She starts out with a base and then adds a very beautiful orange eyeshadow which leads into a gold finish. She creates a smokey eye using some of the black and brown. Then, she underlines her eyes with a black liner. She finishes the look with mascara.


To give more attention to the eyes, she completes the look with two nude pink-purple lipsticks that go very well with the look. Her look was primarily created with L’Oreal makeup products, which can be picked up in any drugstore.

What do you think about this full coverage?

To see more in detail, press play down below.