I have some helpful, but possibly obvious advice for you guys. When doing your nails, I would recommend always trying to switch it up and give yourself a different do-up each time.

If you have the time, patience and tools, you can always do intricate designs that can take hours, but look amazing in the end. This is the route most people take, but in most cases, they get their nails done by a professional as they might possibly lack artistic skills. A good suggestion that I would give if you want your nails to look cool but not require too much skill to actually do – stripe nails are a good way to go.

You’ve probably tried striped nail art in the past, but to no avail. Well, it’s likely that you hadn’t heard of a wonderful creation called nail striping tape.

Using it, cutepolish has compiled 4 different striped nail art designs, to give you a few extra ideas, should you decide to switch it up a bit while still keeping the same basic theme.

There are four designs showcased in the video and those include:

1. White with red diagonal stripes

2. White with blue horizontal stripes

3. White with bright green (vertical) stripes

4. A combination of all the previous colors on the thumb

Bonus: pink diagonal stripes on the pinky

So those are 4+1 nail designs that will certainly stand out without being overly complicated, intricate or difficult to do.

Do you plan to do multiple of these at once, like in the video, or do you just prefer to have one design at a time? Share your thoughts in the comments!

Source: metdaan.com