After a busy week at school or work, girls deserve a girls night out with their best friends. It is always fun to go out together looking flawless and enjoy the quality time. Sometimes the best part of the night can be over before it even gets started. Is there any closer bonding than getting ready with your girlfriends?

Today we are sharing a makeup tutorial by YouTuber Christen Dominique. Christen uploads a lot of beauty tutorials to her YouTube channel that might really inspire you to get your shine on. This particular one is very suitable for a night out with the girls. It is sparkly and nude. Can it really get better?

Let’s see the process.


She stars off with primer and then uses a clean foundation. After she does her eye makeup, she starts using all the other techniques like contouring, concealer, powder, bronzer, blush and finally highlighter. Christen is really surprised with the concealer and says that she has found her new favorite.


For the eyes, she uses different colors like purple, orange and dark pink. To add more drama to the look, she adds some sparkles on the center of her eyelids. She finishes with false eyelashes and underlines her water line too with the colors she used for the eyeshadows.


To pull together this whole look, she goes for a pink nude, glossy shade. Damn that looks good!

What do you guys think? Would you do this look for a girls night out?

Share your thoughts with us and if you want to see more of the process, click down below and bookmark this page to pull out next time your going out with the girls.