Cutepolish is a YouTube nail art videos channel and today we learn about all the no-no’s of at home manicure with them.

We will see how nail art usually ends up looking if you are a beginner instead of how it should look if you were a pro.

These are the 5 most common mistakes people make.

1. Lacking a consistent nail shape and length

You want to start your manicure with all of the nails having the same shape and length. It’s important to file all your nails to have a consistent appearance.

2. Too much product

Painting nails with too much polish on the brush will never ever work out for you! The only thing that this will do for you, is get nail polish on your cuticles and some even on your skin. The result will end up looking really messy.

How do you fix this?

Whenever you take your nail polish brush out of the bottle, make sure to press one side of the brush against the neck of the bottle to remove all of the polish from that side. Next, turn the brush 180 degrees in your hand and then tap the big blob on your brush under the neck of the bottle to remove a little more of the polish. Now you have the perfect amount. When polishing, try to do three thin strokes over your nail and catch the tips for a longer wear. After a minute of drying, go back in and do a second thin coat for added opacity.

3. Glitter and Doom

The next common mistake involves glitter nail polish. If you want a super opaque glitter nail, don’t just try to paint it on with the brush. Use a makeup sponge for the ultimate opacity. Brush the glitter polish over a makeup sponge so that it soaks up the clear base. Press it onto your nail.

4. 3D Nail

Attaching 3D nail décor using clear nail polish is a huge mistake since clear nail polish is not strong enough to hold 3D décor. Take bows for example. They are too heavy. For a stronger hold, try using nail glue. Add a dot to your nail and no worried if you add a little too much. You can always soak up a little bit with a paper towel.

5. Skipping the Cuticle Clean Up

For having a clean and neat looking manicure, you just have to clean up the cuticle. It really is a deal breaker!

Dip a small brush into acetone or nail polish remover. Tide up the sides of your polish for a perfect-looking manicure.

If you want to avoid nail smudges altogether you can also use liquid latex.

Refer to the video below for a visual representation of the steps!