If you have curly hair, you are probably struggling with it all your life. No matter what product you use, you have days when you just need your hair out of your face. You wish there was a way to do that and it doesn’t look like you have a big balloon of a ponytail. Well, Ashley Bloomfield claims there are tons of ways to get your hair out of the way, no matter if your hair is curly, short, long, or straight. This 26-year old vlogger and makeup uploader has some excellent hairstyles to share with you and they can all be used for curly hair! Finally, you are saved!

Having more than 60,000 subscribers, this Toronto lady is rocking in the world of YouTube. She is a beauty and fashion vlogger on her self-titled YouTube channel, where you can find makeup, travel, fashion, and so much more! She is a multitalented girl, and, it’s no secret that her fans adore her.

Regina commented on her curly hairstyle video: “Thanks you so much I have curly hair so it’s useful for me.”

Also, Tirzah commented on the same video: “YOU ARE SO FREAKING GORGEOUS OH MY GOD.”

While you are still in doubt about what to do with your curls this summer, here are some excellent ideas. And yes, your hair will definitely be out of your face.

1. Twisted hair hairstyle

2. Mohawk braid for curly hair (The faux Dutch braid)

3. Mohawk braided updo

And here’s how to do them. Don’t you feel grateful for the existence of this channel?

Source: metdaan.com