While I know that pretty much all of you women (and possibly men) reading this have worn makeup for a long time, you probably still make a lot of mistakes. But fear not, that’s why there’s plenty of tutorials online on correcting your makeup, and this particular one is on how to get your eyeshadow game together, as brought to us by beauty YouTuber Stephanie Lange.

The first thing she advises is to brush on a base

According to Stephanie, this is the most fundamental thing when it comes to achieving crease-free shadow. Foundation, concealer or dedicated primer all work equally well, as long as it’s followed up with a powder.

Apply shimmery shadow strategically

If you want a truly stunning look, it’s a good idea to apply shimmery eyeshadow, but it should be applied strategically. Stephanie advises that it should be applied to the inner corners and the spaces under the brow lines.

Create your crease

The big eyes look is achieved by extending the natural crease, done by brushing a dark color onto the natural lid line and then traveling up until you are able to clearly see the color when looking into a mirror. When it’s visible, start blending it upwards with a fluffy brush.

Use a lighter color on your lower lash line

A dark line of shadow on the lower lash line creates a very jarring and harsh look, which is why you should opt for a lighter option instead, as according to Stephanie, it will “balance your eyes out” and help them look “bigger and more awake”.

Line that water line

Don’t forget the water line as this will help bring instant attention to your eyes.

As you can see from the thumbnail of this video, following Stephanie’s advice will definitely help you achieve a more striking eyeshadow result. Check out her video if you want a more detailed insight on the dos and don’ts of applying eyeshadow.

Source: metdaan.com