Get Ready For The Winter With These Sparkling Nude & White Almond Acrylic Nails

If you’d like to spice up the holiday season and get along with the rest of the winter, make sure to watch this tutorial on how to make your nails look as white and as cold as ice. Subscribe to Tracy Nails’ channel, which already has the support of 152,040 people on YouTube. Her Instagram profile is @TRACYNAILZ.

What you need:

Acrylic products

Nail charms

Nail polish


Nail tips


Here is how she does these holiday nails:

Using scissors and a nail file, she makes small cuts in the nails.

The next step of the important preparation of the nails is the application of nail prep and primer by Lush nails, with twocoats.

For the acrylic application, Tracy uses Acrylic Monomer as well as powder and #16 Nail Findz Kolinsky acrylic brush. In the meantime, she takes good care of the nail’s shape. She uses a great white nail buffer to buff the nails and a manicure cleaning brush for gentle cleaning.

After the nails are cleaned and bright, they are ready to get their desires treat – Your favorite design.

She applies two coats of nude nail polish ad she also uses a LED lamp in the process. She cleans the nail sides with an art detail brush form

She applies Lush Nailz LED/UV gel top on the nude nails, and then gets to the rest of the nails. She uses white nail polish to finish the nails.

For the design, she is going to make black roses with the help of a brush, Monomer, dappen dish, and two powders: Black Panther and Grove Street. She is using a very thin brush for details such as lines.

The most beautiful part is the finish – she makes magic out of Swarovski with the help of her wax pencil. She mixes white, chalk white, and crystal-clear ones.