Pretty Little Liars is definitely one of the most viewed series by teenagers. It’s the story of 4 girls and what they do after their best friend goes missing. In the beginning of the intro we can see the girls’ gorgeous makeup, hair and nails. And throughout the series, how many times have you wished you had the exact same makeup like one of them?

So that’s what we are doing today.

A Pretty Little Liars theme inspired makeup look.

Jackie Wyers shows beauty tricks and tips on her YouTube channel as a makeup artist. There, you will find a lot of celebrity inspired looks because she gets all the inspiration from movies and TV shows.

Jackie thinks that it’s not about just looking your best but being comfortable in it. She is very talented and besides makeup she likes to paint, sing and she writes songs.

Today, she shares a very special Pretty Little Liars inspired makeup look. Smokey, shimmery shadows, doll-like liner and lashes, pink polish & polished curls complete this look.

You can follow Jackie also on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. To see the whole process, just click the video down below. Enjoy!