Luxyhair is a YouTube channel that specializes in easy hairstyle. It first appeared on the beauty vlogger scene in 2010. Their videos are super easy to follow and extremely helpful.

One of their most recent videos is for the ones who love to hit that snooze button more than once. If you are running late and want to avoid a bad hair day, this is the video to pay attention to.

The wonderful Elena will lead you through three different hair styles for the ones that are already 7 minutes late.

1. The Classic Ponytail

The ponytail seems to never go out of style. It’s almost one of the quickest most imaginable ways to look beyond decent if you are running late. Play around with the placement. In addition, make sure you have enough volume at the top of your hair. Pull out some pieces that you want to frame your face. Tie the ponytail with an elastic band. Tug it out lightly so it won’t be too tight at the top of your head. To make it look slicker, take a piece of the ponytail and wrap it around the band. It gives a nice classy touch.

2. The Ponytail and the Bun

Take the top section of your hair. Play around with the placement so it’s not too tight. Tie it as you would a normal ponytail. Next, make a little hole right above the band and flip your hair through it. Pull out the pieces to make it look more effortless and soft.

Once you are done with that part, take the remaining pieces of your hair and create another ponytail. Like the last time, that you want to pull your hair through the band and create a bun. Pull it out and do the same flip that you did before. It will seem like an almost upside-down looking bun. Hide the band with the remaining pieces.

3. The Waves

You are going to need extensions for this particular hairstyle. If you are not an extension loving person, stop right there and stick with the previous two hairstyles. However, if you happen to own extensions, proceed by clipping them in any way that suits you.

You will also want to infuse some life back into the selected pieces so use tongs to make them seem wavy and playful.

Let it loose.

For more detailed instructions on the three styles, watch the video to perfect the technique.