Despite using their fluffiness at the end of the day, pillows make nice decor too. Fancy looking pillowcases can do so much. If you are into DIY’s, then this idea is for you. Creating a cool pillow case is very easy,as no sewing is required. Perfect for the ones that hate, or are not as good at sewing.  And you can do it right now! Read on and find out more about his wonderful DIY project. You can make these easy and cheap DIY no sew pillow cases in a moment!

You can make as many of these as you want! Use different fabrics and you will have cool decorations for your bedroom and living room.

How about some more easy no sew pillow cases? Check out these as well!

Using glue is a good alternative for sewing. if you want to give it a go, use a proper fabric glue for this one.

Recycling an old T-shirt into a pillow case is a wonderful idea! Cut the sides in small pieces and tie them together. This super easy pillow case looks nice. I would definitely give this one a try.

If you are not into sewing, double sided tape will also do the trick. I love this one!