When it comes to nails, you know our go-to channels: Nail Career Education, Tracy Nailz, all those impressive, inspirational ones, with the colors, the bling, the glitter…

However, things do need to be switched up to keep things as interesting as possible. So, with that in mind, we have found a new channel that’s all about nails: Luciana McGee.

And frankly, I wish we did that sooner, because she’s actually very, very good.

This video, in particular, stood out to us. These are her glitter stiletto nails with glass tips.

Don’t worry, the tips aren’t actually made of glass, that would just hurt. Although, imagine what you could… okay back to reality.

This video heftily features products from a company called Tones. While doing her nails, Luciana also fits in a review of a few of the things Tones produces.

Tones is a company we haven’t encountered before, but judging by how Luciana’s nails turned out, it wouldn’t have been a bad thing if we did know them sooner.

The theme here is red glitter, and some bling for good measure.

She also uses a marbling technique to apply the colors, and then she uses clear acrylic for the “glass tips” effect.

These nails certainly are very blingy, and they will suit you if you are perhaps feeling like your nails should be just a little bit more glam.

Check out the video to see how to achieve them:

Source: metdaan.com