If you’ve been following us for a while, it’s beyond guaranteed that you have heard of Luxy Hair.

If you haven’t, let me fill you in. Luxy Hair is a YouTube channel that’s all about hairstyles. If constant hairstyle changes are on your mind, there couldn’t be a more appropriate channel for you.

Seriously, there’s no end to the hosts Mimi and Elaina’s ideas. They upload a ton of different hairstyles, and they do a pretty good job of explaining them. They also sometimes invite some of their friends to host their videos, because they’re nice people.

While this particular Luxy Hair video is a bit old, the hairstyle certainly isn’t. Here’s Mimi tutorial on a flower half-do.

I don’t know about you, but I find half-dos really cute. Especially on girls with darker colored hair. I’m pretty sure you share this opinion with me too. I mean, if you didn’t, you wouldn’t still be here. Man, I’m clever.

Anyways, the gorgeous and charismatic Mimi opens the video with her usual “Hi my beautiful friends, it’s Mimi here”. Bonus points for making me feel good about myself.

The hairstyle is very simple and easy to do. She takes two sections of hair from each side, joins them in the back with a hair elastic, then the middle ponytail is turned into a three-strand braid, which is then “fanned” out, and then rolled into a flower at the back of the head. Very simple, but very good too.

You probably want to give the style a try, and if you do, give the video a watch.

Source: metdaan.com