Go get ’em with this gorgeous glittery nail art.

According to its founder, Mila, MyDesigns4You is the “Number one channel for toenail art out there”. Mila, however, does all kinds of nail art. MyDesigns4You’s endeavours to create clear, honest and simple designs with the most basic of materials. Mila is a self-taught artist dedicated to passing on the knowledge she has acquired.

Today we bring you one of her tutorials that we believe will become an integral part of your party-preparations in 2017!

Creatively enough, Mila uses tempera paint to decorate her nails.

Once the nail is prepared she applies the black polish freehand. She’s extremely steady. If you’re not so confident you could use a stencil to get the effect.

And as unorthodox this approach might be the results are stunning. Her black and white masterpiece wouldn’t look out of place at any party. Then, all you need to do is add a little glitter and some coating and you will be good to go.

Check out Mila’s Youtube channel for lots of similar videos on nails and toe nails. This self-taught mother of two definitely holds to her end of the bargain: her tutorials are short, to the point and the results always look great!

Source: metdaan.com