New year, new me… well not exactly but it is true that we need more inspiration about makeup looks. And not only makeup looks, we just need to feel inspired!

There were so many trends in 2016 and they worked so well.

YouTuber Sarah Salvini does a lot of tutorials on her channel where she shares with us beauty tricks, outfit ideas, hairstyles, challenges and giveaways.

Today, we have a video of her, where she tells us step by step how she does her makeup. She decides to do a more nude look with a sharp eyeliner. Her foundation is done perfectly and you can see that in her face line definitions.

She reached 91,713 subscribers which is a huge success. People seem to love her work and her features:

“Omgggg I can’t get over how pretty you are.”

“I love how this is so simple yet so nice.”

Do you like the new 2017 look?

Follow the whole procedure in the video down below: