A good thing about trends is that they change all the time, this way you won’t end up looking the same and boring. So, once again a new technique has kicked in, glossy eye makeup. This one for sure gives your face a wet, glossy look which is hard not to love.

Makeup and fashion blogger Tina Halada is a self taught makeup artist who publishes tutorials on social networks like Instagram and YouTube. Her Instagram is followed by more than 150K while on YouTube she has over 180,000 subscribers. Today she is sharing with us a requested pink glossy eye makeup that’s pretty different and edgy from the usual. It’s important to know for those who wonder – this eye makeup is not uncomfortable at all and her lids didn’t stick together.


Following the basics, she primes her face first and then uses a stick foundation. Of course, she follows with a concealer, powder and bronzer. The best for last is the highlighter.


Now we’ve come to the most important part of the look, you will need pink, pinker and red eyeshadows.  Start by putting them on your eyelids one by one and then just blend everything in. After you’re done, apply lip gloss over your lids for that extra wet look.


To match the eyes, she uses a matte brownish lipstick and then goes all over them with a lip gloss.

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Source: metdaan.com