Enter the Phonix!

The phoenix is a mythical creature that dies in a big blaze of fire only to be reborn from its own ashes again and again.

So if you’re bored with your haircut and you feel like radical changes are needed, then what better way than to channel the spirit of the phoenix? This glowing neon style exudes rebirth and if you’re looking for a statement this new year, this is one sure fire way of making a big one.

Guy Tang is one of the most original hairstylists on Youtube, and his hairstyles include glowing, neon and holographic hair, as well as haircuts inspired by nature, mythology and technology.

Check out the video and see how an everyday hair color can turn into a glowing, lava-like phoenix hairstyle that glows in the dark with the Kenra Professional Creative Neon Colors.

Source: www.metdaan.com