Fashion moves with spry steps. There are constantly different hairstyles, makeup techniques and brands that are just so in trend with people always looking for the latest thang.

Personally, I have always admired people that make big changes when it comes to their appearance. They are so adventurous and try the brightest colors out there.

So, today we are going to share with you a very interesting tutorial. The unicorn look.

Guy Tang is a celebrity hairstylist in West Hollywood California and he shares amazing, edgy looks. They are truly so inspiring and I would recommend this for you.

A lot of people commented saying they can’t choose between the hairstyles:

I can’t decide between this and the Phoenix hair….HALP.”
“Who else wants to touch their hair? it looks so soft!”
“I wish my hair looked like this!”
Watch this video for more details and be inspired to color yourself gorgeous for January.