Succulents are the hottest trend nowadays, so if you don’t have succulents in your home or yard yet, it’s time to get them as soon as possible! You are totally going to love them, believe me! Here I’m going to show you How To Grow Succulents Outdoors, so don’t miss this article! If you live in an area where the climate is dry, or you are too lazy to water the lawn, this is the perfect plant for you. Lots of homeowners choose to fill their gardens with them because there are plenty of ways to create some eye-catching decorations that will grab the attention of everyone! If you are planning to grow succulents in your garden, stay tuned and don’t miss a single photos because we will inspire you to make it look outstanding!

Why are succulents so great for dry areas?

If the climate in the place where you live is extremely hot and it doesn’t rain very often you need special plants that can survive in such conditions. The succulents are just perfect for such area because they can grow even in the deserts of North America to Africa. They can stay hydrated and flourish through all the seasons because succulents can hold the water in their roots, stems and leaves.

Pebbles and stones can completely change the look of your garden! Use them to elevate the feel of the space and to give a nice finishing touch to it! You will be surprised what a difference they can make!

Even if you are the most lazy person when it comes to growing plants, believe me that succulents will grow perfectly well in your garden. They don’t ass for maintenance at all, so anyone can be the perfect gardener of succulents. You can choose between tons of different sizes, shapes and colors to create a unique landscape in you garden. You can plant them in pots too and create lots of playful arrangements as well! What are your preferences so far?

What are the tips you have to follow for creating a stunning outdoor succulent garden?

The variety of colors allow you to play with different hues and vivid colors to create contrasting designs that feature both cool tones and warm tones. They you put those two in combination you are bound to get some magnificent designs!

There’s one thing that you should have in mind if you want to get some awesome succulent garden designs! There are tons of uniquely shaped succulents and those are the ones that will make your garden look unique and original. Make sure you group them in such a way that the distinctive succulent gets all of the attention and is the focal point of the garden. Pop of color can get you the same effect as well as a fuzzy texture or shape as well! Feel free to add drama to your garden in lots of different ways!

If you want to keep your succulents good looking, make sure you water them at least once a week, but be careful not to over-water them. We suggest you to test if the soil is dry by sticking a finger or two into the mix down to your knuckles. If it is dry, you can water. Shrinking, puckering, or dull leaves is another sign to water.

Do you have an old wheel in your home? It’s time to fill it with succulents to create a wonderful garden in no time!

If you want succulents to thrive you have to buy soil that is tailored for succulents of create you own. You just have to mix soil and sand!