Thirty-five years old Guy Tang is an LA based celebrity, hairstylist, and fashionista. Famous for his unique and highly individual approach to hair styling and coloring,

The Oklahoma-born, Los Angeles local makes sure to share his secrets with us – mere mortals, through his YouTube channel, which now has more than one and a half million devotees.

In his latest video, model Kristen C. Dugas sat down for Guy, so they can both try out the Color Mac Dual Boosters!

He’s using two of his Demi-Permanent hair colors for the roots: the first one is the Permanent 8SP in the shade Pearl and MyDentity Dark Shadows color.

He mixes equal parts of both of the colors in a plastic bowl over a small-sized scale. Then, he adds the MyDentity Demi-Permanent Developer in volume 6. He introduces just a drop of Olaplex into the mixture and whisk it!

He’s only going to touch up on the roots with this formula!

Next, to color the mid-lengths to the ends, he’s going over with the Dual Booster Color Max hair colors.

The colors for this mixture are: MyDentity Dual Boosters Pink Glow, MyDentity Dual Boosters Aqua Blue, MyDentity Dual Boosters Ultra Violet and MyDentity Dual Boosters Turquoise.

These are mixed with the MyDentity Demi-Permanent Developer in volume 6.

He mixes all the colors separately with the developer in 1:1 ratio.

The first strand will be colored with the Turquoise shade. This one will have only the ends dyed.

When it comes to choosing the right strands, Guy says: “You are the artist! You can section the hair the way you want, place the color where you want it, this is all up to you!”

After a couple of strands, this is the way your hair will look if you try this at home.

Once you are done with the coloring, just let it stay for a while and rinse the colors off!

This is what you’ll get in the end!

Rock it with sass!