Have you been following the nail trends lately? As fall is coming, you will probably get a little darker with your nails, although some occasions require a pink shade, like this rose quartz, which looks so dreamy! But if you are tired of the same shade or from trying out all the nail trends, maybe you should take a look at this super new and crazy nail trend.

Call it weird and quirky, but the latest nail trend is the selfie hair nails! Yep, you read that right. Selfies have become a great part of our culture, and they have just transferred to nails as well!

The visual artist Dain Yoon took nail art to a whole new level. Yoon is known for her surreal style and often uses herself as the focus of her artworks. You can see from her Instagram page, selfies are a great inspiration for her. Her page is full of these weird and wonderful visual works.

Yoon created this bizarre nail art by taking five selfies of herself and painting them onto her fingernails. Each selfie has a different expression. Additionally, it is completed with individual strands of hair, glued onto the base of the nail. Okay, nails can take a lot of time, but this sounds almost eternal!

The effort you put into this plus the maintaining seem a bit impossible, but for this artist, it’s her passion. I just wonder how would you function with these nails, or even shampoo your hair, for instance? So many questions…

There are so many things you’d struggle to do while wearing these nails! For starters, how would you use your phone or keyboard? Imagine trying to type anything with these on! How about cooking? You will either die from hunger or ask for a personal assistant in every daily task. And what if you got something in your eye? Good luck getting it out!

As you can imagine, people’s opinions on these nails vary widely. Some think they’re adorable and creative, while others think they’re horror movie levels of creepy. Other people just worry about how hygienic they are. But most can agree that keeping them clean is a huge challenge.

And, finally, cleaning them off is a mystery, too. Would normal nail polish remover work? Or would you need something much stronger to shift all that paint and hair?

Although bizarre, this nail trend is probably the most creative so far.

Source: metdaan.com