You are making a huge mistake if you are already obsessed with makeup and aren’t following beauty accounts on Instagram. I mean, it is the place where all the beauty trends are created. And if you’re up for a challenge, the latest trend here includes a new twist on the winged eyeliner look. So, can we all agree that when it comes to doing your own makeup, there’s nothing harder than a winged eyeliner?

Most of the times the wings just don’t match on both eyes while the skin around your eyes is red from trying over and over again. Sometimes you just feel like giving up on life.

Surprise!! This is the new trend on Instagram where you can do the reverse winged eyeliner.

Seriously? Like it wasn’t hard enough for us already… If you got confused by this, don’t worry please. You are not alone here.

I mean, this is just so trippy. Bringing some drama to your regular old eye looks.

Of course we weren’t feeling bad enough, then this makeup artist decided to show off two perfect wings on both sides. Crap!

What do you guys think about this new beauty trend?