Today, we would be talking about hair removal with laser. These days, one of the best and permanent procedures to get rid of hair from the body or face is to opt for laser hair removal. Laser hair removal has gained a lot of buzz in recent years, thanks to its effectiveness on the body. Today, laser hair removal is one of the most popular cosmetic surgeries done.

Well, here’s everything you should know about hair removal with laser.

What is laser hair removal process?

Laser hair removal is an easy process which aims at removing hair from legs, hands, arms, face and anywhere on the body. It involves the use of laser technology which destroys the hair follicles, thus preventing hair from growing further. Hair growth takes place in cycles and hence it may take a few sessions to get the best results. You should generally prevent waxing or shaving your hair 6 weeks prior to the laser treatment. This is because laser treatment removes the hair from the roots which get plucked if you have recently waxed or shaved your skin.

Will you be 100 percent hair free?

Well, one among the biggest myths is that you will be 100 percent hair free after the laser treatment. You can observe that 90 percent of the hair does not grow, while you will see few hair follicles growing after some time. You will have some hair left on the skin which may require touch-ups or treatments. The hair that grows back is much lighter and shorter than before.

When to come back for touch ups?

One important thing you should remember is that laser hair removal is permanent hair reduction and not removal. There are certain factors which may affect the hair growth of a person. You can generally come back after 5-7 weeks depending upon the hair growth. The next session of the treatment can be decided only after observing the hair growth, which depends on several factors. Some people require several sessions as compared to others.

What to expect during the treatment?

Before the treatment, the expert will trim your hair to just a few millimeters above the skin. Now, the outer layer of the skin is protected with cold gel or numbing cream. This will prevent your skin from getting burnt and also help the laser to penetrate into the skin easily. Now, the skin is exposed to the laser light which will destroy the hair follicles from roots. Once the procedure is complete, the area should be soothed with cold gel or cream. Your skin will get back to normal after some time.

What is the cost of the laser hair removal?

According to various studies and experts, the cost of the laser hair removal depends on various things. There are four factors which decide the cost of the laser hair reduction:
• Size of the area to be treated
• The country where you the surgery would be performed (for example, US is more expensive than India)
• Number of sittings required to complete the process
• Whether the expert is certified or not. A good surgeon or expert will never offer you discounts.

Is shaving important before hair removal process?

No, shaving is not important before hair removal with laser. You just cannot come for a session if you have recently shaved or waxed your body. The laser treatment targets the roots of the hair, which gets pulled away when you shave, wax or tweeze your hair. It is always good to prevent removing hair 4-6 weeks before the laser treatment. But that doesn’t mean you come with a hairy self. Just a millimeter of hair growth above the skin surface is enough for the process to take place.

Some important things you should consider:
• Your treatment may take somewhere around 20 minutes to 1-2 hours.
• You should not get the treatment done on sun tanned or sun burned skin.
• An expert will patch test your skin first to know if your skin is reacting to the process.
• Some hair type can be a little harder to treat, but hold on! nothing is impossible, girl!
• Soon after you get the treatment, you should pamper yourself with a sunscreen. It will protect your skin as much as possible.