A shift in hair styles is upon us in 2017!

Remember that ‘new year new me’ motto that makes about 80% of your Instagram news feed the day after New Year’s Eve? Well, if you are not quite the gym type and you like your pizza, maybe you should think about changing your hair this time around!

2017 seems promising on this front. It feels like the middle parting is ready to go for good. Or at least it’s open to negotiation or a certain ‘variation on the theme’.

Jen Atkins, the official hairstylist for the Kardashian clan and creator of Ouai hair care, has a couple of things in mind to share with you for the upcoming 2017.

1. The French Fringe

The biggest gain with the slightest pain you can get this season is to opt for the fringe. If you are not a lover of radical makeovers, always have in mind the French fringe.”I’m loving fringe that hits right at the eye,” says Jen. “It’s a great way to change up your look without having to take off a lot of length.”

Worn and adorned by the Jane Birkins and the Anna Karenina’s alike, the fringe is something that will accentuate the gaze. For a full-blown, French pedigree fringe, try to make it as au naturel as possible! ‘Add Ouai Matte Pomade to the ends for a more piece-y, textured fringe.’- Atkins advises.

Inconsistency in length will add movement to your fringe. It will make it look more real. Try to have some of the strands at different lengths. What’s also magical about the fringe is that it works wonders with both straight and curly hair.

2. Natural Hair Textures

It was not only the white population of this planet that decided to opt for the natural look in 2016. The previous year was quite a political year to make a stand with your natural hair. Many African-American women revisited their natural hair as well. Be it fashion trends, efficiency or glorifying one’s roots, the natural hair will excel in 2017.

Don’t Touch My Hair-songstress, Solange Knowles, was one of the most vocal advocates of natural African-American hair!

Jeanie  Syfu encourages everyone to look deep down into themselves, and their mirrors as well, and to honestly ask themselves how much time do they have to spare for their everyday routine. “We don’t have time to fuss over blowing out our hair and fighting what it naturally wants to do,” she says. “I think it’s so important to know what your hair and lifestyle can handle to keep your look chic and effortless.”

Tip: try to be upfront with your hairstylist as well. Remember, s/he is always rooting for you. Literally. So be aware of how ready are you to walk out of that hair salon and manage to look the same on a daily basis as you went out looking the first time around.  “My goal is to make your hair look the best I can with less effort in styling by enhancing what is already there,” Syfu says.

3. Mid Length Chop

The long bob, or the lob, is off for a send off in 2017. “I’ve been telling everybody to get out of your lob!”, Atkin told E! magazine. The mid-lengths chop is the more textured, more natural twist on the lob. “This is a fun, stylish way to take your lob to the next level’ she says.

The secret of the shoulder length chop is the texture which is achieved with an amount of layers as suited. Think of the infamous Rachel haircut. Now do just that, but keep the length in the front. Hailey Baldwin has rocked both the mid-length chop and the Rachel.

4. Long, Shiny Strands

The long, glossy mane might be back. Think 80s-Alicia-Silverstone-and-Liv-Tyler-in-that-Aerosmith-video waves.

Mind you, you don’t want to be an extensions lazy person. Even though Atkin says that the extension shame is already gone in the industry. However, there’s nothing that will get you that look like your own grown out hair would. You will want to visit your hairstylist a bit more often for a quick cut since a) it will help your hair grow faster, b) you need to avoid the split ends look.

5. Cool-Girl Shags

The shag seems to have lingered throughout the years since Alexa Chung decided to grace us with it more than 5 years ago.  “What I love about this silhouette is that the cut really styles itself with soft lines and seamless layers,” Syfu says. “It can work on straight and wavy hair, long or short.”

The shag can work with many face shapes. “The trick to making this cut work is to have your stylist create soft lines with their scissors by point-cutting or using a razor,” she says. “Just make sure to have a convo with your stylist ahead of your snip to ensure you’re on the same page.”

Shags are versatile when it comes to length as well. You don’t want to go above the shoulders? Afraid you’ll lose the length? The shag is stunning at shoulder level and is originally considered to be a mid-length hair style!

The shag will carry a fringe perfectly. Part your fringe any way you want and your hairstyle will be transformed in minutes.

Olivia Munn cut a rather generous amount of her long locks to sport the shoulder length shag.

6. Bold Chops

Once inspired and in awe of Freja Beha Erichsen circa 2012 I as well sat down for the graphic, strict and straight-cut short hair. David Bowie rocked this look at one point. Brad Pitt did as well in Seven Days in Tibet. “Think heavyweight lines that make your hair swing, like the iconic bobs and wedges,” she says. “I’m also spotting undercuts, buzzed hair, short bobs, and bold bangs all over.”

The version in the lower picture is the 90s take of the straight cut.

“These cuts make a statement and can give you an edge that can be quite feminine,” Syfu says. “It gives a strong focus to your gorgeous face, neck, and shoulders.” So if you’re ready to go bold, a blunt bob like this is a killer option.”

Source: metdaan.com