This is an Anti-Valentine’s look so it contains a lot of dark colors. Mostly black.

And then again, who’s to say that you can’t go with this look even if you do have a date? The world is your oyster, my friend.

Anyways, YouTuber Amanda Ensing is going to create this look which can never look too much.

“When guys say: “I prefer less makeup,” then wear less makeup, what does that have to do with me?” – the makeup artist adds.

So to get started on this edgy, dark look, check out the instructions down below.


She starts by spraying her face to make the foundation last all day long. Then she uses her favorite Nars foundation.  She starts concealing and contouring her face and finishes with a sparkly highlighter.


For the eyes she goes with a dark color (black) and creates a smokey eye. Some glitter and eyeliner later, she adds the lashes. Look how her eyes popped!


To complete her look, Amanda applies black lipstick.

Does it really get any more anti than this?

Have fun with this, and don’t forget: this look is just as good for date night as it is for a single-night-out.

Share your thoughts with us and if you want to see more of this process, you can always press play down below!