Every now and then, we try to do something different with our hair so curls and waves are always the first idea. But, unfortunately there are a lot of techniques how to do curl your hair. Waves and curls are done in different ways. So, this time, we’re going for loose, go-to waves.

Mimi Ikonn from YouTube channel LuxyHair, is known for her hair and fashion tutorials. Her channel has reached over 3 million subscribers and one of her more popular videos is a tutorial on 5 strand braids. What makes this 30-year-old even more awesome, is that she uses her YouTube channel to raise awareness for healthier eating and living and animal welfare. Today, we have a video of her technique for beautiful, loose waves.


All you actually need is a hair clip and a curling iron. After you brush your hair, start doing the first wave.


Take your curling iron and a piece of hair. Wrap it in your iron by leaving some spaces between. Repeat the process until all your hair is done.


If you would like to add more volume, then take your favorite extensions and curl them too. Add your extensions where you need them and you’re done.

If you like to see everything by yourself, click down below and enjoy!

Source: metdaan.com