Summer is just around the corner, so if you are a person that likes to experiment with makeup and take it to next level, smokey eyes are the best solution. You will enjoy looking like a sexy cat with some dark, hot colors. Get your favorite outfit on and you’re ready to slay!

To demonstrate this makeup look we have the famous YouTuber Lustrelux. She’s 30 years old and has already posted a lot of makeup tutorials, tips, beauty expertise and more. She reached 1.7 million subscribers already on her channel. Let’s get your spirit animal out and enjoy this smokey cat eyes look.


She does the eyes first and then moves on to foundation, concealer and powder. She takes care of the places under her eyes because everything has to look very clean. Then, she applies bronzer and highlighter.


The makeup artist starts her eye makeup with a base and then a brown color in the end of her eye lid. Then she is following with a darker brown and finishing with eyelashes. She also underlines her eyes with a lighter brown.


This look is already screaming dark colors, so she finishes with a bold dark red. It gives magic to the lips.

Do you guys like this look? Would you make it your summer go-to? Let us know by commenting below. Enjoy!