Everybody loves a great bun hairstyle that they can even wear as a homecoming hairstyle, a hairstyle for school, or even a holiday hairstyle.

YouTube channel called Cute Girls Hairstyles does tutorials about different hairstyles that you can do in 5 minutes. This includes buns and all kinds of braids, and it doesn’t even end there.

Jordan, a guest contributor to this channel will create a half-up, half-down bun style that is very suitable for special events. It makes you look like a princess.

She creates fishtail braids and makes them look more like pancaked braids. Then, she makes a ponytail in the back of her head. Using bobby pins, Jordan starts to create her half-up, half-down bun. The result is mind-blowing.

Don’t you just love this bun?

This look might seem difficult to do but make sure to click the video below to see more details. Don’t forget to comment and let us know what you think about it. Enjoy!

Source: metdaan.com