Using heat on your hair can make it look great, but let’s not forget what it does to it. Thus, using a curling iron or a hair dryer all the time will make your hair lifeless. Even drying it with the hair dryer on a daily basis can lead to split ends. After all of the salons you’ve visited you might need to sit down and think what’s next. Your hair needs rest. Yes, give your hair a break from all the heat you exposed it to and it will thank you later.

You may think that no heat means a bad hairstyle, but that means you may need to watch this video.

This heat-free hairstyle video tutorial comes from a very young girl named Lucy. She comes from the Netherlands and has a YouTube Channel with over 160,000 followers. You can find mostly hair tutorials on her channel. She will show you how to braid, pin, and style your hair no matter if it is long or short.

Lucy offers an alternative approach to beauty. Her hobby is recreating movies and TV shows hairstyles. When she’s inspired by a movie, she comes up with her own modified style and then shares it with her fans. Apart from hairstyles, you can see lifestyle and beauty videos as well. Her favorite thing is everyday look, as you can also see from this video.

This video stresses the importance of a heat-free everyday look. In that way, it invites you to add liveliness and messiness to your hair. Mm, messiness, I think I’m loving it already! She shows us how to do a braid ponytail, a messy ponytail you will fall in love with, and a bubble ponytail. My personal favorite? You guessed it – the messy ponytail

Here is the whole video: