There is always a story a pair of eyes would say, which is exactly why poets and musicians, artists and writers from across the centuries have written volumes about them. Talking about the beauties in the Arabian landscape, because of the cultural decree and the climes too, most part of their face is covered. The eyes are exposed though and that is why the eye makeup is exaggerated and loud.


Before we head on to the Arabic eye makeup tutorial, here are a couple of looks that would dazzle you for sure, but take a look at them and learn how to do it as well.

1. Maroons And Golds For The Summer Evening Parties

2. Cool Toned Arabian Washes For The Eyes

3. Belly Dancers Style On Arabic Makeup

4. Gorgeous EID Eye Makeup

5. Squiggly Arabian Eye Makeup

6. Sunset Sensual Arabic Eyes

7. Long Flicked Arabic Eyes

8. Gradient Yellow-Green Eyes For The Evening Saga

9. Sultry Wedding Arabic Eyes

10. Arabian Nights Fantasy Eyes

The Much Awaited Arabic Eye Makeup Tutorial Explained

Now that we have caught your imagination by the hooks, showing you ten lovely creative dramatic arabic eye makeup styles, let’s teach you how to do a simple one first, which you can innovate and work on later.

Steps On Arabic Style Makeup

You would need plenty of eyeshadow in sultry smokey shades, dark mascara and dark black kohl, to begin with. With arabic eyes makeup, the darker the kohl and smudges on the eyes are, the sensual factor rises and makes your eyes look super awesome too.

  1. Use a cream based eye primer to wipe the eyelids with
  2. For the inner to the mid section of the eyes, use a light toned shimmery shadow first
  3. From the mid section to the crease line, use a tone darker to the earlier shade
  4. From the crease line to the outer corner of the eyes, use the darkest tone of the shade previously done
  5. Now take a dark pencil in the same shade as that of the darkest eyeshadow used and from the crease line to the outer corner of the eyes, draw a soft V like formation to create an almond shape
  6. Use the angular brush to smudge the line and on top of that use dark gray eyeshadow for a blending effect to come through.
  7. With the help of glitter eye shadow, dab a little on the mid section of the eyes and blend it across the lids
  8. The gradation of the tones and hues must come natural and seamless or else the look wouldn’t be pleasing to notice.
  9. Now take the darkest black eyeliner and color the top lash line. Give it one stroke and a flick at the outer corner of the lashes; give another stroke to the lower lash line and with the help of the angular brush, smudge the lash lines.
  10. Use dark steel gray eyeshadow to smudge the kohl on the upper and the lower lids once again. And for the final touch, do apply mascara to the lashes on top and below, before you curl them with an eyelash curler or a spoon.

One of the best arabic makeup tips which we can give out right now is to understand the importance of balancing the face. This means, if the eyes have been dressed up very dramatic, the arabic eye makeup tips here to use is to balance the lips with a shade of matte pink to peach lips.

We hope this tutorial on how to do arabic eye makeup comes in handy, and that you also loved the various styles we showed you. Do write in and share your style files on Arabic eye makeup too!