This is no blue eyed thing but an eye infection. Commonly called Conjunctivitis, it is also known as Pink Eye. Conjunctivitis is about sore eyes that lead to watering of eyes, redness and inflammation. The possibility of pink eye increases in monsoons. Though it is not dangerous, it can cause pain and discomfort in the eyes. Since it is infectious, it is advisable not to get into any kind of professional activities and social interactions for 4 to 5 days till the time it doesn’t heal up. Though medical treatment for pink eye is available in the form of ointments and eye drops, the best option lies in home remedies for pink eye. Try them out and you will feel all the more glad in finding out the safe and effective alternative in treating conjunctivitis aka pink eye.

Cold Water

Splash your eyes regularly with cold water. This will help decrease the pain and discomfort. You can also apply a cold press to bring relief. Cold water will not only remove the infection causing bacteria, it will also treat the symptoms attached to pink eye.

Boric Powder

This powder is armed with strong and effective bacteria-fighting chemicals which are safe for the eyes. Get 300 ml cold water and mix 2 tbsp boric powder in it. Now splash your eyes with this boric powder-treated water. You can also put a cloth in this chemical treated solution and put it over your eyes to let the relief sink in. Keep re-doing this over your eyes at least 10 to 12 times a day till the time the eye infection gets healed.

Cold And Hot Compresses

This is a good medium to soothe the pink eyes. Keep alternating the cold compress (apply it for 5 minutes) with hot compress (apply it for 2 minutes). Repeat this for 15 minutes. You can do it any time of the day. There is no hard and fast rule in getting comfort from pink eye.

Tea Bags For The Eye Treatment

Tea bags contain antioxidants that soothe the eye nerves thereby providing you relief from pain. All you need to do is place used tea bags in the refrigerator for few hours and then put them over the pink eye. Keep repeating this frequently. Tea bags help reduce the intensity of the eye infection and speed up healing of conjunctivitis.


Honey is a great aid when it comes to fat loss, skin shine, and even pink eye treatment.

Combine 3 tbsp honey with 20 ml water to treat pink eyes in children. Dip a cotton cloth (preferably clean) in this solution and squeeze it before putting it over the child’s eyes. Repeat this 4-5 times during the day to get optimum results. Make sure the honey that you are using is pure and unadulterated. Organic honey is the best bet in such a situation. Honey has loads of antibacterial and antiseptic properties that help treat conjunctivitis.

Potato Juice

The juice of potato is worth its salt. The enzymes in the potato juice reduce redness and inflammation in the pink eyes. Grind a medium sized potato in the mixer without adding water or any other liquid. After a blade pulse of 10-15 seconds, stop the grinder and make sure that there are no lumps. Now squeeze out the mashed potato using your hands. The juice that comes out of it should be kept aside. Put a cotton ball in the juice, and allow it to rest over your eyes after squeezing the juice. Leave it for 15-20 minutes, then remove the cotton balls and wash your eyes with cold water. Do it four times a day.

Onion Juice

Peel 2 onions, wash them, grate them and squeeze the juice. To 30 ml of onion juice, combine 50 ml of cold water. After mixing the two, apply the treated solution over your infected eyes using a clean cotton cloth and let it stay for about 10 minutes. Keep doing it three times a day to benefit from onion juice remedy.

Oatmeal Powder

Mix 2 tbsp of oatmeal powder in cold water measuring 200 ml. Now keep splashing your eyes with this solution 5 to 6 times on a daily basis to counter bacteria and reduce eye puffiness.

Remember pink eyes can be contagious, meaning spread from one person to another in your family and social friend circle. Therefore, it’s important to take precautionary measures in the form of home remedies to salvage the situation.

Home remedy is the best remedy after all, what say?

Hope this post on home remedies for eye treatment were helpful.