A conversation about summertime fruit can’t go without mentioning watermelon. Although this is a mostly water based fruit, it’s well known for its sweet, refreshing taste. The Latin name for this fantastic summer treat is Citrullus lanatus, and it’s thought to have originated in South Africa. SA is the place where you’ll find the watermelon in all its flavor forms: sweet, sour and bitter. Did you know that square watermelons are grown in Japan? They’re not suitable for eating, but they still look really cool and unusual!

The shape and general look of both the outside and inside of a watermelon is familiar to anybody, and when it appears on something, it signifies summer in most cases.
Since summer is coming up quite soon, preparations should begin before it’s too late, and you can tick your nails off that list of preparations because Diply have sorted you out with some cool watermelon nail designs.

1. A glam watermelon mani

2.  A little bit of ombré action

3. Melon shapes on a yellow background definitely looks cool

4. Sticking with the classic look

5. And finally, a little bit of neon

Source: metdaan.com

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