Acrylic nails don’t seem to go out of style, and what’s really cool about it is that you can learn to do them at home. No more expensive beauty salons. Neon bright colors look really good on them and today we are going to see an awesome example.

Tracy from YouTube channel TracyNailz shared a very exotic summer-ish look. Here you can follow the whole procedure, enjoy:

1. Pick the colors you want but for this design, she decided to go with yellow and black.

2. Start with the yellow nail polish and paint most of the nails by leaving some for the black one.

3. Take a brush to create a cute design.

4. You can draw a cute yellow heart on a selected nail.

5. Put some of  the black nail polish on a tiny brush to do a line around the yellow nail.

6. With a brush create on a “blank” nail a cute white and yellow flower.

7. Take some glitter, rhinestones or whatever of your choice and add them where you think they would look best.

8. This is the final exotic neon look.

Hope you guys liked it and for more instructions click the video down below. Enjoy!


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