Some people make it yet another day in their life, and others plan it from the age of five, but you cannot deny that weddings take some work, should you decide to have one.

So you know exactly how you want your hair to look, you’ve ordered the flowers and DIY-ed the guestbook. One friend is in charge of the guest list and another one is doing the catering. What if you did your own nails?

This tutorial below, made by Camila from The Nails Queen, shows how to get to the perfect wedding nails, that look simple, but eye-catching.

1. She starts off with primer and shapes them in ballerina nail shape.

2. For the base color she is using a color named ‘soft salmon’ and then applies it on the nails.  For some nails she does a small line that she put design on later.

3. After she applies the base, she re-shapes them.

4. It is time for the design. You can take your favorite glitter polish and spread it wherever you want.

5. And you are done with your wedding nails.

Simple, effective and works with any dress style or shade. Make it match your bridesmaids’ nails, or simply alter it to fit your taste. Here’s the video:


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