There are different hair removal techniques in the market. We have got laser hair removal, IPL hair removal and many more. But, it might sound confusing for all of us. IPL is the latest hair removal technique in the market. So, let us make you aware of the entire thing about IPL hair removal.

What is IPL Hair Removal?

IPL hair removal, which is also known as “Intense Pulsed Light”. It is a variant of light therapy which is used by number of dermatologists for various cosmetic procedures. IPL is used for various medical and therapeutic procedures like photo rejuvenation, hair removal and many more.

Under IPL hair removal technique, broad spectrum light is applied to the surface area of the skin which targets on the melanin. The light travels all throughout the skin and hits the hair shaft or the bulb. The hair bulb is a place where maximum of melanin is located. As the light is absorbed by the bulb, the hair shaft is heated and thus the hair producing papilla is destroyed.

But the issue with IPL is that, not all the hair follicles are not destroyed. It is because only the active hair follicles are destroyed. Thus, with IPL hair removal technique, you need at least 10-12 different treatments for effectively removing the most visible hair type.

What is the Biggest USP with IPL Hair Removal?

IPL has multiple wavelengths (between 500 and 1200 nanometers) that scatter all over the skin. In IPL hair removal technique, lights of different wavelengths are emitted. They are absorbed by the pigment in the hair and then these light get turned into heat within seconds. This heat is then absorbed by the growing cells which makes the hair and thus removes or destroys the hair follicles permanently.

Since IPL works on scattered wavelength thus, IPL is specifically targeted. It affects the skin in your pigment too. This makes IPL limited for only fair or brown skin tones. IPL is also extremely effective in case of hard and coarse hair, because of it’s coherent monochromatic laser lights.

That’s all about IPL hair removal technique. Let me know if you anything more about this hair removal technique in the comments down below.


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