We associate green color with spring and nature. But when we talk about nail design, green nail polish is rarely used by itself. Such color as a lime green, for instance, is extremely bright. If you apply it on your nails, you will get too defiant look. There are so many lime green nail designs that allow you to combine this vivid nail coat with more calm and smooth shades.

We offer you some popular and accepted ways to use lime green nail polish. Pick the most suitable option and achieve bright and glamorous look.

Green pictures on your nails.

It is a very popular way to apply green or lime green nail polish. You may create tree or flower drawings with numerous green leafs on it. You may use any other color as a base coat, such as pink, white, pearl or yellow.

Matte green nails.

Matte nail polishes are very popular this season. If you want to make your lime green manicure more pale and calm, you may try this style. Except lime green shade you may use dark variations of green, such as olive green or forest green, for instance.

Lime green French style. 

This bright nail polish also looks great when you create a French manicure. This nail design is imaginative and fresh. Lime green ombre style. Ombre manicure always looks gorgeous. Green ombre manicure is not an exception. Combine darker and lighter shades and get your best nail design.

Source: www.beauty-manicure.com