Perfect skin is among the most popular aspirations. However, it certainly isn’t the easiest. The issue is, it seems like the harder we work towards reaching that ever-elusive goal, the farther it recedes in the distance. Sometimes, fighting all those blackheads, patches of dry skin, dark circles, zits and pigmentation seems like trying to reach the horizon. Heck, at times it can even feel like chasing 10 horizons and 7 rainbows at the same time: as soon as you solve one problem, several other issues immediately emerge with renewed determination to ruin your day.

The good news is, we’ve put together a week’s plan that will guide you one step closer towards improving your skin health dramatically.

How To Get Glowing Skin In One Week?

Day 1

As of today, the Cleansing, Toning and Moisturizing routine is your new religion. A lot of people either don’t know about CTM, or underrate the effects it can have on your skin. Once you discover its effectiveness, you will never look back again.

* Use a gentle cleanser to remove the dead skin, dust and oil that accumulate on your face during the course of an average day. The type of cleanser depends on the type of your skin. This will help unclog pores and lower the risk of acne. End the process by applying a moisturizer. This is the cornerstone of the routine.

* Follow this up by applying a brightening face pack. You can devise your own pack by using honey, papaya, milk, lemon and tomatoes.

* Always remove makeup before going to bed to allow your skin to breathe during the night. The easiest way to remove your makeup is by applying a small quantity of baby oil and massaging your face with it for several minutes. This will loosen up the make up, after which you can easily remove it with some cotton pads or a wash towel.

* Repeat the CTM method at the end of your day. After you apply the moisturizer you can top it off with a good eye serum. Try to sleep on your back and install a humidifier in your room – this will help keep your skin keep hydrated. If you have dry skin, you may want to start using satin pillow covers that will help minimize the moisture loss.

Day 2

After laying down the foundations, you may now push on by paying more attention to what nutrients you consume. External care will only be effective if you couple it with providing quality nutrients internally. Eating right is extremely important in improving the quality of your skin.

* Follow up the morning cleanse-tone-moisturize routine by applying a fruit mask. You can use ingredients more suitable to your skin such as bananas for dry skin, or strawberries for oily skin. This way you can brighten up your face without having to use chemicals.

* Keep yourself hydrated by consuming a lot of water and nutrition beverages throughout the course of the day. This will help control the excretion of oil on your face and tighten your pores.

* Remove makeup and end your day with the CTM method and your night-time skin care routine.

Day 3

The third day is reserved for exfoliation. By removing the dead skin your face will feel soft and look radiant. This will also help with the process during the rest of the week.

* Us an exfoliating scrub or a face sponge to cleanse your face. Scrub off the dead skin cells until you reveal the healthy layer of skin underneath.

* After the exfoliation, tone and moisturize your skin to keep the new layer protected from drying out. You may also apply a face mask.

* Always use sunscreen when you are about to step out into the sun. This will keep your skin protected from the harmful UV rays.

* Before going to bed, modify your CTM ritual by applying a face pack after cleansing your face. Once you wash the pack off, follow it up by toning and moisturizing.

Day 4

By the fourth day, there should be visible results from the treatment. You should notice improvement in the skin texture, and your face should have a  healthy glow. However, the routine shouldn’t stop there.

* Wash your face with your regular cleanser and then steam it. This will help open up your pores which in turn will help deeper cleansing. After steaming your face for about 10 minutes, follow it up by applying a clay mask that will draw any dirt out. For the clay mask you could use a combination of honey and oatmeal. Rinse off the mask and tone your face by dabbing it with a cotton pad soaked in rose water – thus re-sealing your pores. Finish with your moisturizer.

* Maintain the usual night care regimen.

Day 5

* After the CMT, massage your face with aloe vera gel. This will help improve the blood circulation to your face and nourish your skin. It will also flush out toxins. If you have dark circles under your eyes, always use an under eye serum.

* After the massage, apply your regular moisturizer or day cream. You can use one with a higher SPF – that way you don’t have to use a separate sunscreen.

* In the evening, incorporate a sandalwood face pack in your CTM routine to make your skin smooth and radiant.

Day 6

* It’s exfoliation time again. Ideally, the skin needs to be exfoliated to keep it as healthy and radiant as possible. Repeat the steps from Day 3.

* Consume a lot of water, juice and vegetable-rich soup throughout the week.

Day 7

* Time to indulge and give yourself another fruit facial. Of course, follow the CTM method in the morning as well as in the evening.

* Keep your fluids intake high to maintain the elasticity of your skin.

If you follow these instructions with application and discipline, your skin will be glowing with health early in the week. By day 7, your face will appear clean, soft and radiant. Do not go into a lull, though and keep following the CTM method every day, exfoliate your skin twice a week, and treat it with natural face masks a couple of times a week.