Kimberly Money is a makeup artist who creates series of makeup looks for every star sign in the zodiac. The 19-year-old rocks her lip colors and makes her eyes look mesmerizing too.

“I grew up in Vietnam where the zodiac signs are very popular, so I always wanted to make a series out of it since I love doing makeup and photography,” Kimberly told POPSUGAR.

Even though she is not an astrologer she puts a lot of thoughts into her looks.

“I choose the looks based on my experience with people around me with the signs,” she said. “I also do some research online on which colors fit with the looks most. This series represents how I see these signs in my imagination and bring it to reality.”

This is an amazingly interesting project, but what we really have to know right now is – her sign.

“I’m a Libra,” she admitted. “I feel like it represents me very well. I always looking for balance in life and love spending time alone working on things that I love, such as makeup. Also, this look I chose especially for this sign is my favorite combo, and smoky eyes are my go-to!”

If you are curious to see the looks, follow the list below.

1. Taurus

2. Aquarius

3. Libra

4. Gemini

5. Capricorn

6. Sagittarius

7. Aries

8. Pisces

9. Virgo

10. Leo

11. Cancer

12. Scorpio