Is having the occasional lazy day really that bad of a thing? No! It is actually those lazy days we allow ourselves now and again that the success of the non-lazy ones is built upon. Because batteries cannot be properly recharged with half-assed laziness; it is only through the true, immersive Zen of a proper lazy day that one can find the energy to go at it again and again.

And yet again, lazying around does not mean that an unexpected errand won’t have to be run, or a chore of some sorts won’t suddenly surface. According to Murphy’s Law, the lazier you’re feeling, the more likely it is for an unexpected obligation to materialize. In such cases, is the lazy day you’ve so craved to be compromised with excessive hair styling and preparations? Hell, no!

In fact, hair blogger Frenchy Fatim has just the collection of hairstyles for the laziest of days. The best part? There’s twelve of them, so you will have an entire palette to choose from in the months ahead, whenever a necessity occurs.

Fatim is a Long Island, New York-based girl proud of her multicultural heritage. She was born in Senegal and grew up in Paris – thus the Frenchy Fatim moniker. She summarizes her hair journey in the words Patience, Care, and Freedom, and strongly encourages embracing one’s natural hair, no matter what it is. The tutorial will be especially appreciated with those with luscious, curly hair which requires a lot of attention and upkeep.