Everybody needs a bit of help when they’re sick or simply feeling jaded, but this assistance doesn’t only have to come in the form of warm soup in bed or mom’s pancakes (although those two things are bound to help!). What if there was a way to show full strength and energy in those days when you’re feeling under the weather or when you are just coming back to work after an illness? Well, there actually is!

With the help of Sinead Cady, Ireland’s most subscribed to beauty vlogger, you will find out how someone who has had only four hours of sleep can appear as if they had been dreaming the sweetest of dreams for ten hours straight. Although she was planning on doing a completely different tutorial, a rough night which provided her with very little rest changed the beautician’s plans. The result is a very original video, as this is something everyone encounters now and again, but there are almost no tutorials dealing with the issue.

For more creative videos, make sure to follow Sinead on Youtube. Her channel, TheMakeupChair, is almost at the 1 million subscribers mark and covers everything from makeup lessons, makeup tutorials, product reviews and recommendations, with new videos being posted every Monday.

Source: metdaan.com